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Thursday, 25 August 2016

Only in America - Gun Legislation:

Some students at the University of Texas in Austin are protesting new laws that allow students older than 21 to carry their guns in specified areas of the campus - by carrying Dildos as a symbol., "Cocks not Glocks"
Texas's Legislature passed the law last year allowing licensed concealed carry permit holders to retain their guns in most public areas of  public university campuses.


Meanwhile in California - concerned citizens are signing a petition organised by San Diego based CEO Barry Bahrami against California's "Gunmageddon Gun Laws" that Governor Jerry Brown recently signed to make any rifle with a detachable magazine be classed as an "ASSAULT RIFLE"

"These laws are completely insane to almost anyone with a real knowledge of firearms, and I did not think Gov. Brown would sign them," Bahrami told "Many California gun owners are still unaware they will be criminals soon."

Marty K.
.. The whole world's gone mad !!