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Saturday, 20 August 2016

US Gun Sales Up & the Age we Live in?:

The gun manufacturer Smith & Wesson’s share price reached an all-time high on Monday after it was reported that the background checks for new guns had set a new record for July.
Shares in Sturm Ruger, the US’s largest gun maker, also surged on the news, ending the day up 2%, at $69.40.

A total of 2,197,169 firearms background checks were processed last month.Like its rival Smith & Wesson, Sturm Ruger has benefited from a huge rise in gun sales under the Obama administration. Share prices in both companies are close to record highs and have peaked after each mass shooting as gun owners worry that new rules will restrict ownership.
Nothing at all to do with the above booming gun sales .. but has anyone else noticed that just about EVERY current organisation we live with on this planet is CORRUPT ?
FIFA, Cricket, Cycling, Olympic athletics, Formula 1 motor sport, International political 'facts' (like "weapons of mass destruction") - even the big Charities are run for the benefit of their executives.
- How can the worlds largest "Democracy" select a bum  like Trump as a serious Presidential Candidate? - with the alternative choice a Clinton that nobody likes or wanted?
They prefer the 'Trump Has No Balls' Statues to The Real Thing In America.
 - How can something like a proposed pedestrian  'garden bridge'  across the Thames have cost UK tax-payers 37.7 MILLION POUNDS  already  before a single brick has been laid?
- How can elected Western governments claim that there is no money available for better policing, better health services, better education etc., while cutting corporate business taxes (as they have) by 40% in the last 40 odd years?
I would suggest that we have come a long way over the years that we humans have been around: The Stone Age - The Bronze Age - The Iron Age - The Industrial Age - The Information Age - and now - The Corrupt Age.
Everyone seems to be lying, lobbying, and fiddling the books to grab wealth for themselves while the rest of us sit back watching crap on TV - sucking fizzy sodas and eating 'fast food'.
- The Rich are getting richer and ...
Does anyone still think that "we the people" are running the world - or is it Big Business and crooks?
Marty K.