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Monday, 29 August 2016

Safeties on Glocks & 'Little Cartridges' 32s &.25s:

I got a real bargain the other day - second-hand paperback by Gerald Seymour for 50 cents from a Christchurch "Op-Shop" run by the St. Vincent de Paul Society.

- Great book - 'The Walking Dead' that held my attention for hours while running three separate story lines that come together in the end.

The best value read you can imagine - while also being a revelation about anti-terrorist activity and suicide bombers - with only a couple of annoying references to the use of a 'safety' on Glock pistols!
- Glocks do not generally come fitted with an external safety switch .. and I'd not describe the normal sights as "a V and bead".

But there you go - Twenty Chapters -  559 pages for 50 cents - and that's all there is to complain about?

 - And to a link to more reading ! - 

 'Why Were Little Cartridges EVER Good Enough?'

An unusual post from a murican that reaches outside the fashionable gun issues and attempts to explain how it was that .32"s were the 'in' caliber for Police Law Enforcement from around 1900 to the 1960s.

- So maybe we have grown some 30 pounds average heavier eh - is that the difference .. sodas, shakes, & fries?

Not only is the main article good - but the 'comments' that follow are almost as entertaining and informative - with several stories about citizens shooting to terminate robberies etc.

 " - And to the standing joke, which may have originated with Jeff Cooper, is, “Never shoot a man with a .32"  - It might make him angry, and then he’ll want to fight.”

Marty K.  - may have something worthwhile to say on other topics?