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Tuesday, 2 August 2016

S&W Model 16 K Frame .32" H&R Magnum on Range:

There was plenty of fresh snow to see on 'the tops' last weekend - but I noticed a line of roadside trees showing a flush of green from bud-burst - so milder Spring weather can't be too far away eh.

I am still waiting for my 327 Federal Magnum Ruger SP101 to land here - it will be the first one in the country.. But the importer has only just reported getting the Police Import Permit (While requesting payment of a deposit!).

 - Meanwhile 'Cutters' has found a used S&W .32 H&R Magnum and grabbed it while it's still warm.

- That would be around 30 years old but it looks to be in excellent condition for a blued gun.
S&W .32 H&R Magnum (K Frame)
Blued 6" Model 16.

It shoots brilliantly for me (That is Cutters hand above) - and I have to admit that about S&W revolvers eh..

- they DO have very nice trigger pulls eh. One quick cylinder full of .32 H&R Magnum at 24 feet.

That's Three of 'Cutters' 'K-Frames' In Line With My Ruger SP101 .22"

Anyway I did get to shoot some 'factory' H&R Magnums plus my first effort at reloading in 32 Calibre .. a very light load in .32"S&W Long cases - only 2.7 grains behind a 90 grain lead semi-wad cutter - and they shot like gentle .22" rim-fires..

Too lightly loaded really as they weren't sealing in the chambers - you could see by the smoky blow-back deposit on the brass cases.

The suggested loads published in recent manuals seem to consistently be too light - but I guess that's better than always being too hot eh.

- even the shop-bought H&R Magnums felt very light and soft - perhaps this is an appropriate intro to 32s.

I'm waiting.. waiting.. waiting..
- It's coming, it's coming - I can hear it coming..

Marty K.