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Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Frauds, Lies & Corruption - Illegal "Assault Rifles":

So in the UK - The CHILCOT INQUIRY has exposed the lies, deceptions, and stupidity of our crazy invasion and destruction of Iraq. - They (We) didn't even bother to record the civilian casualties and deaths.

- But we took part in it (and still are.).

Meanwhile the same "Clean - Green" National Government as above - paid some form of 'lip service' to the Kyoto Agreement (about reducing Global Climate Change). They approved a farcical set of regulations that encouraged corporates to buy $100 million of fraudulent Ukranian and Russian carbon credits that have virtually no value or use unless there's a toilet tissue shortage

BP, Z-Energy, NZ Steel, Fonterra, - and the likes of local Ngai Tahu Forest Estates rushed into the credits grab of useless fancy printed paper to show how green they are (and to save tax).

- Someone should call on the Police to investigate and expose this fraud to NZ taxpayers - now that the Morgan Foundation has pointed it out. But the Police likely don't have the resources for a proper investigation.

This morning Radio NZ ran an interview with David Tipple - owner of Gun City - where they tried to embarrass him about sales of "MSSA"s which the uninformed & ignorant are claiming are the cause of all gun crime.. Question "What use can these weapons have?"
(This is NOT an 'MSSA')

The Parliamentary panel looking at criminals with guns of that type - is obviously going to further restrict lawful ownership or 'BAN' semi-autos.. while it is equally obvious that what needs to be done is - spend more on police and crime prevention.

Meanwhile back in Parliament - The Parliamentary Commission into Law & Order will eventually finish ignoring the 90 odd submissions that New Zealand shooters could be bothered to make about criminals stealing guns that they are not allowed by law to have or use.

 - And they will no doubt announce what further restrictions and costs they will impose on legal lawful 'FIT & PROPER' licensed firearms users and shooters in due course.

I doubt that their changes will include resourcing a couple of thousand more front-line Police Officers or building a few more large prisons to keep the crooks in off the streets. I think that high walls work better than a plastic ankle bangle .. but they might cost a bit extra short term.

Mary K.
Note: From 230,000 New Zealand licensed firearms users - and the 7,409 'E' Category endorsed licence holders - (legally able to own and use an "MSSA" ) - only 90 Submissions were made to the committee investigating Criminal use of illegal firearms ! 

- I've heard it said that we get the government that we deserve.