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Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Battle of Messines 1917 (Mesen):

100 years ago today 7 June - New Zealand Forces had 3,700 casualties  and more than 700 dead in the Battle of Messines in Belgium - where the NZ tunnelers dug under the ridge to place a massive weight of explosives under the German lines that was detonated at 3.00 am and the men then went 'over the top' and followed a creeping barrage laid-down by 8,000 big guns as they charged the German lines

I listened to sound archives of John A Lee DCM recounting what they did on this day (He lost his arm in this war - but went-on to become a NZ Labour Politician and writer).

Very emotional listening.

.. For a bloke who never wanted a cat - I got Lulu when my wife 'divided our stuff equally' when we separated  years ago.. I got the cat because she didn't want it .. and she has now taken-in a house guest - a wildling from beyond the wall - that was hanging about outside in the heavy frost for days ... until braving the laundry door cat-flap.
- Trouble is that "Seefur" (C for Cat) eats about three times it's body weight per day and has no manners and no hesitation to just shove my ancient old lady away from the food bowl.

Whenever I move to get-up from the chair the room shatters as both moggies run for it - Lulu heading for the kitchen food bowl and Seefur just runs anywhere in panic.

I'm going soft in my youth .. but I hope the bloody thing settles-down soon.

Marty K.