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Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Glocks Are More Gun Than 1911s:

- I'm feeling the need for a giggle ..

A 9 mm Glock 17 is nearly three times more powerful than a .45" caliber Colt 1911.

Well - work it out for yourself: 20 rounds (+2 Mag) of 115 grain 9mm @ 335 ft/lbs each at the muzzle equals 6,700 foot pounds gross (.. that's x10 "snake-eyes").

- Whereas 7 rounds of 230 grain .45" @ 356 ft/lbs makes only 2,492 gross foot pounds.

.. even if you jack-up the .45"s energy to 415 ft/lbs and let it's owner stuff an extra round up the antique barrel - you still only get eight shots totaling 3,320 foot pounds of energy - half that of our Glock 17..

Note: The so called pip-squeak .32" ACP achieves up to 170 ft/lb per shot making it renowned for European law-enforcement purposes and it is well proven as the veterinary 'Humane Killer' standard for use on horses and cattle. - My "32 cal." Ruger 327 Federal Magnum revolver knocks-out standard muzzle energies ranging from 452 - 640 foot pounds per shot using factory ammo.

However - for the correct answer as to which handgun is powerful enough .. get a long-arm or rifle .. check-out the below table:

Even the .223" 'mouse gun' gives 1296 ft/lbs per shot.

Try the .50" BMG round at some 2,799 ft/lbs energy per shot .. fairly conclusive eh.

- Mind you - *HE* is apparently on the 1911's side😱:

Consider, a .22" rim fire might measure around 126 foot pound and that cartridge has done plenty of damage .. while even an air rifle pellet at say 26 ft/lb (.177 = approx. 16 ft/lb) is recorded has having been fatal. - And I do like air rifles for small game 'survival' hunting.

- do I dare sign this? 😈

Marty K.