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Thursday, 8 June 2017

NZ MP Wants To BAN Firearms Safety Education:

Some idiot MP has sought publicity by complaining about school kids being shown how to handle guns safely by the NZ Army:

Education Minister Nikki Kaye is getting guidelines to make it clear when it's appropriate for firearms to be in schools.

"It was drawn to my attention that there was a situation the other day where the army brought some rifles into schools and that's absolutely allowed under the law.
"I've asked whether there are any guidelines in this area and it's clear there aren't, so I've asked the Ministry of Education and NZSTA (New Zealand School Trustees Association) to work on some guidelines."

I'd like to point-out to this Education Minister that I was taught to shoot with a military rifle when I was at school in UK as part of my education around 1959 - and nobody chose to complain about that training as it was considered an important part of my Grammar School education then.

Personally I might suggest that firearms safety education is both essential & "appropriate" for all children in this day of terrorist attacks throughout our modern world.

- Perhaps this parliamentarian would like to explain her reasons for preferring to neglect such instruction.

Marty K.