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Friday, 9 June 2017

'Moro' Warriors STILL Fighting ( Call them ISIS Now):

We've been talking here recently about the American military use of 45" caliber handguns (versus smaller .38" calibers) against "Moros" in the "Moro Rebellion" dated around 1899 - 1913.

1903 Colt .38".

- But current news reports show that conflict STILL continues.

... And it dates back way before the 20th Century, to when Spain invaded and managed to occupy some of these islands for 333 years - from 1521 until 1898 - then the Spanish-American war was on and the USA took-over and 'annexed' the Philippines islands..

The name "Moro" is simply the Spanish term for "Moors" .. what they called the Muslims when they occupied the Iberian Peninsular (Spain/Portugal) from 711- 1492 !
Island Of Mindanao - Has A Large Muslim Population.

When the Spanish "explorer" Magellan bumped into these islands - the Spanish were upset to find that many of the Southern Filipinos were Islamic - as they'd only just pushed the 'Moors' back from Spain a few years earlier in 1492 .. they were not happy.
US Colt 'Philippine' Model 1878 Double-Action Revolver
.45" Colt With A Longer Trigger.

 They, and the following American Colonial Authorities very much favored the 'Christian Filipino' population with land grants and rights. The US became engaged in a protracted vicious war where atrocities and torture were common - while US troops had orders "to kill all Filipinos over ten years old". I read that THREE commanding US Generals were court-marshaled seperately over their actions there.

- Since then something like 120,000 victims have reportedly been killed in the last 40 years of 'revolutionary' activity throughout this area with Communists, Abu Sayyaf, and ISIS groups being active.

There is currently an ongoing State Of Emergency and Martial Law in the Southern Philippines.

President Duterte is known widely for his 'militant' law enforcement tactics.

Human beings, who are almost unique in having the ability to learn from the experience of others, are also remarkable for their apparent disinclination to do so.

Marty K.