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Sunday, 11 June 2017

SNEIDER TWO CYLINDER .22" Rimfire Revolver:

Naah ... this isn't the slightly successful Walch 12 shot percussion Navy revolver that I'm referring to ..

- Well this is the Walch but ..
Walch Navy Revolver.

- I 'did' the twelve shot WALCH Revolver way back in June 2015 .. Link:

.. and I reckon that it's bloody fascinating

- But I've been reading again, - and guess what I found in "FLAYDERMAN'S Guide" .. In 1862 a metallic cartridge revolver that used TWO 7 shot cylinders placed 'back-to-back' - I bet that you can't work that one out eh.

- I'm not joking (as I'm a serious Old Fart eh) - but:

Charles E Sneider had a great idea for a 14 shot metallic cartridge .22 Rim-Fire revolver.

On March 18, 1862, United States patent #34,703 was granted to C. E. Sneider for a revolver, illustration 63, with two 7-shot cylinders chambering small caliber rim-fire cartridges. The two cylinders were alike and were arranged breech to breech on a center pin having both ends alike. The cartridges in the forward cylinder pointed toward the revolver muzzle; those in the other cylinder pointed toward the shooter. A long hammer struck the rims of the cartridges in the forward cylinder. When those cartridges were all discharged, the cylinder pin was turned around so the un-fired cartridges in the other cylinder would come under the hammer. The gun was hinged at the bottom to permit dropping the barrel so the cylinders could be reversed.

So - there were at least TWO of them made  .. (one points to the left .. the other to the right eh.)
I reckon that Mr Sneider deserves a round of applause - don't you?

Marty K.

And that's not the only one like it ! - There was a Gardner - a Philip, - an Orr, - and a 'Linberg & Phillips' .. all Two Cylinder Revolvers

Gardner Two Cylinder Revolver.

I don't pretend to know anything about these .. but you might start looking here:

Bev Fitchett calls them "freaks" - that's cheeky!

Have fun..