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Thursday, 15 June 2017

They've Gone Feral:

I guess that I'm an old bugger with 'old fashioned standards' - so I sometimes have problems when I see the new "politically correct" way of doing stuff .. and the results of using the 'new way' now for tens of years.

I have this new 'guest' young cat in the house - It is a stray animal that I've now been told had been seen for weeks scavenging food scraps around a nearby school.

This young animal, at it's best, is cute .. but is also wild & unsocialized  - being a sly food thief and quick to aggressive use of it's claws and teeth.


"not socialized; specifically :  not sufficiently socialized to adjust to societal norms - unsocialized and aggressive delinquents"

I see very similar feral behavior displayed by some of the recent generations of young people.

Feral: "(especially of an animal) in a wild state, especially after escape from captivity or domestication.  "a feral cat"

synonyms:wilduntamedundomesticateduntrainedunused to humans;"
Many school-age kids and their parents seem not to have been socialised and they display similar 'wild' anti-social' patterns to an abandoned cat.

- No respect for others, no respect for property, and no awareness of the right way to behave when in a mixed group of people. - If anyone tries to stop individual wrong behavior - a typical response is a blank 'dead-eyed' stare and continuation of the anti-social activity - or increased abusive behavior.

- Am I wrong here or is this the direct result of generations of kids being told that they are the most important person and that they 'have rights' and can do what they like ... then being neglected and mistreated?

I know that I'm an "Old Fart" but what happened to discipline, self-control, respect for others, and good manners?

If you get one of these "ferals" in a work-place or on the pistol range wanting to shoot ... Best of luck.

Marty K.