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Tuesday, 13 June 2017

NZ Police Minister Rules on Illegal Firearms - Plus 3 New Assistant Commissioners:

Police Minister Paula Bennett has announced that she has largely rejected the recommendations of the Parliamentary Select Committee on possession of illegal firearms by criminal gangs.

Here is a Link to her findings and statement:

It appears that the NZ Police & The Police Federation have had their intended "CLAMP-DOWN" on law abiding firearms-users rejected in favor of some extra rules to be introduced that may strengthen the LAW regarding illegal firearms possession.

A little 'common sense' on show for once.


- Let's hope that any actual law changes are in line with the Ministers published statement .. and that a new 2017 Arms Code complies with the law when it is republished in due course.

Note: Police Commissioner Mike Bush has today announced the appointment of three new Assistant Commissioners.. I wonder if one of them will have a new broom to clean out the National Firearms Office.

Marty K.