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Monday, 27 April 2015

32 Barrel Machine-Gun-Cannon:

On the club range over the weekend we were talking about "the biggest revolver" and 'hand-cannon' and how it was all getting a little extreme/odd maybe - but guys can have a great time building working cannon and firing them.

Well - here are a couple of experimental "Cannoneers" having fun and youtubing it so that we can all enjoy it too - all 32 barrels!:

32 Smoking Barrels.

Working under tough conditions - as someone forgot to bring the correct .36" calibre balls - the Guys above stayed with-it and improvised by using .31" calibre balls.

Great effort and Thank You men,

- Here are some others showing what can be done:

Looking Good.
I do know of a local kiwi shooter who has a cannon that he demonstrates using projectiles made from aluminium soft drink/beer cans - filled with concrete.. You must admire folk doing these fun things for others to enjoy eh.


Marty K.