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Sunday, 5 April 2015

Sub-sonic Noise v Supersonic: Video (9mm & .22"R.F):

This wee Youtube clip is excellent at pointing-out the exact reason why I favour "silenced" - moderated or suppressed firearms.. and why I am trying to develop a decent sub-sonic heavyweight 9x19mm home-brew load for use in my guns.

Great Video - thanks for taking the Trouble.
Interested to see that he also has the odd misfire with that cheap Winchester 555 ammo. - It is less consistent velocity-wise than it might be and it misbehaves for me too in my semi-auto handguns (Of-course it's fine(ish) in a revolver - Well the price is good anyway !)

Although the microphone used here is 'chopping' the recorded sound level - it's still perfectly clear how much less obtrusive the sub-sonic loads truly are when used with a suppresser.

Down here in "Gods-own" anything shooters can do to reduce complaints by anti-gunners has to be great value - Why wake-up the whole neighbourhood?

- And suppressed guns are much less likely to damage your own ears if someone lets fly a shot when you are talking with naked ears eh.

Of-course - short barrelled handguns will be much louder than a rifle - when using the same ammunition - as the gasses exit the shorter barrel at higher pressures. - And even sub-sonic loads will still be loud - unless moderated through a 'silencer.

I kid you not - but to have serious hearing loss with constant tinnitus - pulsing and whining inside your head is not at all amusing (divorce grounds?) - and even your most understanding companions will become impatient eventually at having to repeat what they say over & over!

-  Old soldiers never die - they merely loose their hearing!

Life is good,

Marty K.