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Saturday, 4 April 2015

This Years Easter Bunny Hunt (Central Otago):

This Saturday 27 teams of 12 hunters brought-in nearly 8,500 bunnies to the Alexandra Pioneer Park for counting.

The best team shot 876 rabbits on a Moa Creek property - while the lowest number presented was just 15.

The numbers this year were down on a typical number of 17,000 (- up to the record of 23,000). This is no doubt due to the rabbit population being much reduced by disease and control measures.

The annual shoot is run by the Alexandra Lions Club and proceeds were this year to benefit the Otago Rescue Helicopter Trust.

Shooters also brought-in 468 hares, 44 possums, and 44 stoats - plus a few turkeys and goats.
Next weekend sees the Kaikoura Volunteer Fire Brigade run its annual pig and stag hunt during Friday to Sunday April 10 to 12.

Around 100 shooters are expected with some 20 to 30 children also taking part - with prizes for the heaviest rabbit, hare, and possum.

The entry fees are going towards purchase of new rescue equipment for the fire brigade.

- Good work by one and all.

Marty K.