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Thursday, 2 April 2015

Home-Made "Splatter" Targets Results:

Way back -  just before Christmas 2014 (Home Made Splatter Targets 22/12/2014) - I tried to make cheap 'Shoot'n'see' targets by recycling milk and juice cartons.

- Where does the time go? - Well I might tell you - but you'd only laugh at me.

Oh, all right then, have a giggle ... I couldn't get up to the range to try these 'Splatter Targets' for two months as I was crippled with very painful Gout (in both feet!).

 - Go on - take a breath and note that this form of Arthritis has nothing to do with alcohol use!

- Send all get-well-soon cards attached to bottles of single malt.

That's the result that I'd have liked:
- But cost NZ$3 - $4 each! 
And this is what I made:
This is the 'outer' colour printed face:
- This is the inner silver foil surface:
- Now that is a marginal result - the bullet holes do show-up fairly well - but was it worth the effort? - not really. The splatter isn't big enough and the flash of colour isn't bright or fluorescent enough.
- "worth a crack Nigel" but the system shown in this video has to be much better:
Still - If you never try anything new - You'll never learn anything either Eh?

Life is Good,
Marty K.
P.S. I tried shooting that "Clover Leaf Drill" a few times - One shot double-handed - One shot strong-hand only, and one shot weak hand only - aiming at making 3 holes in a "cloverleaf" - well it aint easy! - That third shot, weak-handed is a little looser landing eh.
I wasn't too bad - but there again - I wasn't too good either ;-)