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Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Worlds Most Powerful Revolver - 600 Nitro Express:

The Pfeifer-Zeliska single-action .600" Nitro Express is a five-shot Magnum Revolver that may well prove to be the worlds all-time most powerful revolver - better called "Ridiculous-Revolver".

- However - I may question that claim later in this post ..

Meanwhile - I would like to introduce the .600 Nitro Express Cartridge that was developed in 1903 by W J Jeffery & Co. (Not Holland & Holland) This cartridge and its Express double-rifles were intended as the ultimate 'Big Game' tools for hunters intent on taking elephant ivory and other dangerous wildlife. - Just the gun to rely on when ...

this turns-up in your back-yard eh.

Loaded with a 900 grain projectile of .620" diameter that is said to be capable of penetrating 10mm sheet steel, - the early versions were propelled with cordite (a double-base propellant nitro-glycerine + guncotton) - hence 'Nitro-Express' -  "Express" because like the trains it was faster!

With a Velocity of 2,050 ft./second these elephant guns put-out 8,221 foot.pounds of energy - so they might be expected to be a little difficult to control in a revolver - But the Austrian made Pfeifer-Zeliska (P.Z) is a very large and heavy handful at 6. kilos - and almost adequately tames the recoil and upward kick.
Pfeifer-Zeliska Revolver
At 22 inches (55cm) overall length - the custom built 'P.Z .600' has a 13 inch barrel and the cylinder alone weighs more than many revolvers at 2.04 kg (4.5lb). 
- Just in case you were getting interested in buying one - please consider that each cartridge will cost you US$40. from Kynoch - That's $200. to load one cylinder full - and the P.Z Revolver  comes in a lovely fitted case at only US $17,316. each.

Note: Thanks go to 'Col' - editor of my pistol club Journal for introducing me to the Pfeifer-Zeliska. ('Col' is a magnum big-gun fan).
However - that Zeliska may not be the biggest revolver in the world because ..
 It Does look a bit Like A King-Size Ruger Old Army eh.
(- Both are based on the Remington Model 1858.)
- This is getting silly - but Ryszard Tobys from Poland has probably got the biggest revolver for now  .. until some millionaire takes-up the challenge !
This is a 28mm calibre ( that's about one and one eighth of an inch diameter bore.) black powder revolver that fires 136 gram (not grain) bullets - and Mr. Tobys took 2,500 hours to make his hand-built revolver.
- This six-gun is a forty-nine and a half inch (1.26metres) long replica of the 1858 Model Remington and weighs-in at 45kg.
- Well done that man. Mind you it really does get to be a little "academic" once you get to this stage eh - could you carry one of either of these revolvers in a belt holster?
 - and can you say that they are 'handguns'? - Hand Cannon perhaps - but wait - there's more!
Eight Foot Long Roadside Photo-Op at Mankato Minnesota
Still - Life IS good - and the world is a better place for having these nuts - oops - that should read eccentrics - in it.
Marty K.
 P.S: Here is another fairly pointless gun - this time it's a semi-auto but:
Anything For A Laugh.
- Watch the next video too.
- I bet those nice white teeth cost about the same as the gun eh,