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Monday, 20 April 2015

Padded Rifle Bags - Get Rythm:

These padded Gun Bags or 'soft cases' seem to run from NZ$50 to over $100 - depending on the makers labels - but there does seem to be a shortage of bags that will fit around a modern? rifle that's got a pistol grip and 'scope or red-dot type sight, bipod etc. hanging off of a picatinny or weaver rail.
- if you then then add a nice fat silencer - boy "Have you got trouble in Gotham City?"

 But - all you got to do is look for a cheap ($20) padded electric guitar bag and "eureka" - it's something like a miracle eh.
As Advertised for $20.
It does fit - and it's now under-cover - discretely presented as a harmless and 'p.c'-socially-acceptable musical instrument. - And the bag has shoulder straps, and two large pockets on the cover that are ideal for your mags., targets, bipod, tool & cleaning-kit, spare parts and batteries for your electronic sights.

"It Does Get In".
-but I do have to slip-off the bipod.

- That's a 'brass-catcher' velcroed over the ejection port.. talk about "bells & whistles"

I did start-out looking at used violin cases and they come cheap enough even when complete with a full-sized fiddle - I even started to consider using the interesting shaped 'stringy-screecher' as a light fixture or work of art etc. - but decided (with the help of a tape measure) that a "geetar" was better suited size-wise.

You have to think about these things when you're cash weak and in need of amusement.

- So don't forget that tape measure eh,

Marty K.