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Tuesday, 14 April 2015

'The Snubby Revolver':

I've just finished reading "The Snubby Revolver" by Ed Lovette.

 - It was very good - educational and entertaining - which is about how it should be - as I've also just paid-off my credit card bill for NZ$152. -  All for books bought from The Book Depository in England!

 - that was for five books mind you, not just this one - and I'm not really complaining as I don't get through that much cash from week-to-week normally.

- Just books, gun stuff, car stuff - like insurance and petrol, tyres, servicing etc.), taxes, food, cat food, medical expenses, dentists, clothing, shoes,  house stuff like electricity bills, firewood, insurance,  plumbing repairs etc., etc.

The books theme is why both professionals and citizens should still consider the short barrelled revolver as a good choice of carry / back-up gun even in this era of compact semi-autos being out-there - with examples and great tips (for US citizens of course):

Tip 1; ALWAYS HAVE A GUN (when expecting a gunfight)
Ruger KCLR .357" Magnum.
He points-out that even if the bad guy has got a weapon - it doesn't necessarily mean that he will use it - and if he does , he won't always hit you, - and if he does, that doesn't mean that you are dead.

Ed raises the subject of calibre - the bigger the better - Can't argue with that - The biggest that you can handle accurately.

My all-time number one favourite calibre has to be the 10MM Auto ( - better thought of as the .40" Auto MAGNUM) - however this is handicapped by only a few makers having a gun in this size (no snubbies? - there are derringers in 10MM) - and the ammunition sometimes being hard to find. Flat shooting and as effective as a .45  .. I guess you might cut-down a S&W 610 moon-clip revolver to three inches if you could find one?

-For law enforcement carry I'd certainly go for both main gun and 'back-up' in the same calibre for serious 'social use' - so would maybe use a  Glock 17 / 19  9mm backed-up by a 9x19mm short-barrel revolver using full-moon-clips.- Loaded with a hot modern expanding projectile.

Ruger LCR 9x19mm Reviewed
- Good Music Too!

- Or a .45ACP auto and moon-clip fed revolver? ..

- You pays your money and makes your  choice eh (if you work & live in America anyway). - Here in NZ - I have absolutely no thoughts of any kind of violence.

 - For educational and research purposes only.

Marty K.