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Friday, 17 April 2015

Snubby Revolver - Follow-up Story:

I got this follow-up story from a dealer-gunsmith who worked in North America - in response to my piece about the merits of carrying an "old fashioned" snub-nosed revolver - when you might have a 'modern' semi-auto of similar size and shape.
My personal choice for a ‘carry gun’ has almost always been the .38 Special S&W M60, here in the US.  Whilst I have carried other guns such as the M1911, 9mm S&W M469, and even a P38, my S&W Chiefs Special has been my favourite (and I still have it).  My reasons are;  total reliability, sufficiently accurate (I used to able to clean the plates at 25 metres, double action), and adequately powerful with +P 125 grain HP’s.  I am pleased to say that in all the years I carried (here and overseas) I never once had to put my hand on my gun in a tense situation, but knowing it was there was comforting.
The S&W M60.
Tastefully Engraved
Auto pistols are OK, and some are reasonably accurate, but NONE of them compare to a good revolver for reliability, accuracy and power.  In my hands over the years I have learned that a good auto will shoot about 4-5” groups at 50 metres when I am having a good day (and many will only do that at 25 metres).  On many occasions I have double-actioned 2-3” groups at 50 metres with a revolver (and shot a few single-action, one-handed, one-hole 5 shot groups at 25 metres) and I have also shot a 1-3/4” group at 100 metres with my S&W M29 .44 Magnum, single action, resting both hands.
 I have attached a scan of a target of which I am rather proud.  I supplied a shipment of .38 Spec S&W Mod 10 revolvers to the local Police back in the 1980’s and two detectives came into my shop one day with one, complaining bitterly that it would not hit a figure target at 10 metres.  They only had three rounds left and I fired them standing, double action, in the 10 metre range at work.  All three shots seemed OK to me!

The target has the three .38 Special hits at ten metres as one tight vertically elongated hole.
Well done and Thank You -

Here's a wee video comparison of two .357" Magnum  snubbies - one 6 shot, the other 5 shot:

Marty K.