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Thursday, 16 April 2015

Silenced Glocks - 9x19mm & .45":

When I did my earlier post "How to Read a Fired 9x19mm Case?" (30.03.2015) - I was conscious that I had tested my 158gn Subsonic loads in two long-arms fitted with over-barrel silencers and an un-silenced Glock17.

158gn Sub-Sonic Fired Cases
 from Just Right Carbine, "DeLisle" L.E. Rifle, & Glock17.

- Maybe I should save-up some pennies to buy a threaded barrel and get a silencer to play with on the Glock 9mm too.

 I am wary of that idea - as the thought of a big tube screwed to the barrel - that has to flick up-and-down each time the barrel breech locks and unlocks kinda scares me a bit. - However - Hickok45 shows here that it really isn't an issue.

Silenced Glock 17
"Oh - I may have a Problem Hitting The Gong - The Sights are Somewhat Obscured"
- Ting, Ting, Ting !
9x19mm JRC.
While a silenced Carbine or rifle is very practical - adding all that extra length to a handgun certainly changes its character & reason to be.
9x19mm Lee-Enfield "DeLisle".

And - the video clearly shows noise level is significantly lowered even on a centre-fire handgun.

Hickok45 has also done a video on a silenced Glock 21 (.45"ACP)

- Like the man says .. Life is good.

Marty K.