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Sunday, 26 April 2015

Engraved Handguns:

I used to be indecisive - but now I'm not sure.

Another Nice Engraved S&W M60.

I dunno whether I really like or dislike engraved guns ..  Trouble is while some of them are very tasteful - others remind me of the die-cast toy "peacemakers" and 'cap-guns' that I saw as a kid.

Toy Gun
It's all a bit academic really as my Dad wouldn't let me have a toy gun when I was young - and now I'm old - I couldn't afford to own a quality engraved pistol anyway!

Engraved Original Colt from 1929.
Colt 1911. - Shame About That Grip.
Ruger Vaquero -Hmm Maybe?
Glock -Er - OK?
Colt .38 Super - Ooh Yuck!
I Guess that it is just a question of taste - like tattoos - what do you reckon?
- As long as they still 'function' - why criticize eh?
All pictures from the internet.
Marty K.