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Thursday, 25 February 2016

"Americas Deadly Gun Addiction" Wired Magazine:

On 21st February 'Wired' Magazine carried another media scare story - this one titled Americas Deadly Gun Addiction By the Numbers. - the story includes various selected gun 'fact' charts.

I can't reproduce their (blocked) colourful graphics here but their own writer admits that the USA gun crime figures are NOT increasing - while US gun ownership has tripled in the last fifteen years and is still  growing - and public opinion there is now more in favour of gun rights than gun restrictions.

The 'Wired' story tries to tell the usual shock-horror myth while ignoring its own facts.

I very much doubt one chart list - claiming that India has the second highest civilian gun ownership in the world. In fact much of the content in this story is suspect - including a chart showing world gun ownership by nation sourced from GUNPOLICY.ORG at the Sydney School of Public Health (which doesn't include any entry for their own nation of Australia!) - That outfit is the home of creative journalist Philip Alpers - Ooops I ought remember that he calls himself 'Adjunct Associate Professor Philip Alpers - But he has no medical tertiary qualification..

- 'adjunct' means something added. We all know what associate means - as in gang associate - ex-kiwi Alpers is recognised (so he says) as "one of the Top 100 most influential people in armed violence reduction." 

Alpers previously claimed that he had influenced the shut down of the Australian arms industry - but seems to have missed the Small Arms Factory Lithgow currently known as Thales Group Australia.

- He, Adjunct Associate Professor, appears to be unable to access his own adopted country's firearms facts. Thales Australia are currently filling a 100 Million Dollar order for 30,000 new Australian F90 rifles.

Marty K.