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Monday, 8 February 2016

Firearms Prohibition Orders:

Police Minister Judith Collins is today reported to be waiting for a report on the use of Firearm Prohibition Orders in Australia before deciding if they will be introduced here in New Zealand.
NZ Police Minister Judith Collins

This type of regulation in Australian States is usually aimed at motorcycle / criminal gangs restricting individuals movements - and allows for property searches without warrants and imposes large fines for the breach of a Prohibition Order.
This Picture Taken at An ESR Laboratory
-  Lead to Complaints Of Unlicensed Firearm Use

Labours Police Spokesman Stuart Nash and Police Association President Greg O'Conner both said they broadly supported such a move - but it was "piecemeal" and more in depth changes were needed.

The Police Minister is reported as confirming that there is "active consideration of a law change".

Marty K.