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Monday, 22 February 2016

Gold Krugerrand or Ammo?

In the middle of a recent wide ranging telephone conversation - the question arose (concerning a possible imminent collapse of the financial/banking and law-and-order system) - "Which will be of most use & value? .. $1,330  worth of gold Krugerrand (one coin) - or a similar value of 9mm NATO ammunition."

Approximately. $1,330 for one?
- Maybe 7,000 Rounds?
- I suggest that perhaps we should ponder what would most interest a really hungry group - either of the above - or the same weight of potatoes / mixed grains?

A greedy corporate raider type might first go for the gold - then try to use it to corner the potato market and then deal over the ammo - but a prudent American might have some of his cartridges stored in a handy high-capacity container and be able to avoid any adverse dealing.

Here's a novel asset for you to consider - New Zealand Post will sell you a 1 ounce pure gold commemorative 'Hobbit' coin for a mere NZ$3,395 that has a face value of $10. - That's about twice the price of a 1 ounce gold ingot.

- Highly collectable so be quick before they sell out. - They are selling.(others are sold-out).

Thoughtful types may be aware that the food 'logistics' supply chain, the power grid, the water supply grid, sewage network etc. were developed by their respective corporate bodies for the purpose of control and profit.

 - These 'grids' will doubtless collapse rapidly if / when there ceases to be control & profit. - The supermarket food stores generally stock around two days worth.

We get earthquakes here in New Zealand.

You might reduce the costs of supporting their profitable enterprise now - by getting yours via your own resources - and if the SHTF scene was to happen you'd be in a better place ..

Marty K.

Anyone noticed that people being interviewed now have to say "That's a very good question" at least twice per interview. They must all be learning to talk at the same public relations seminars.

- Mind you, that's better than "Yes-No" and "Absolutely" in every sentence eh.