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Sunday, 28 February 2016

Sunday On Range - Stirling M20 Rifle:

It felt like a hot Sunday - but all the men-of-means with smart phones - after much screen flicking - eventually decided that it was only around 24C on the firing line - but I was sure happy to have air con in the car. - Maybe it was humidity making me sticky.

- I needed to check one of my Stirling 'El cheapo' M20 rifles was working - I'd bought it at the right price non-operational / no magazine - but a new mag and one good wee North Canterbury gunsmith later - followed-up with a squirt of oil on the action - and bingo.

Both of my economy rifles worked properly when warmed-up - after a couple of magazines went down range. You need something like these Filipinos that you can scratch and ding without panicking eh. - While it's great to have a 3-4 thousand plus dollar long range missile launcher - every bit of grit makes the owner shiver in trepidation.

Then I shot these targets which I reckon tell a story:

I recall yet another endless online American discussion around which handgun is best for self defence 'knock-down?' - and a 'Guru' jumped in and giving pause by saying - "Get a rifle".

Using cheap bulk packed '555' ammo  (with scratched old glasses and eyes) these three targets I shot on range at around 25 foot - are, left to right:
 1/- Revolver double-action rapid fire.(3 cylinders)
2/- Revolver single action with hands braced on bench.(2 cylinders)
3/- Stirling M20 RIFLE open sights.(1 mag.)

- 'nuff said? - And that's without thinking about calibre considerations eh.

Marty K.