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Sunday, 21 February 2016

Jeb Bush Guns - FNX-45 and Ruger:

American Jeb Bush who was a candidate for the Republican Party selection process - has recently been subject to mockery on-line after tweeting an image of an engraved presentation pistol:

Jeb Tweeted this photo.
Identified On-line as a FNX-45
The FN (BrowningFNX series of polymer pistols are short recoil operated - but their barrel and slide travel around twice the usual distance with barrel and slide locked before separation - when compared with other similar pistols - which results in softer felt recoil.
The 'jokers' seem to be objecting that Mr Bush titled his photograph as "America" and appear to think that other images are better - and that he should have said "USA" rather than "America".
"Whateva"  - I don't know Jeb from a bar of soap - other than that some Americans think he is as thick as a brick like his ex-president brother. - But I do know that he now has at least two firearms - as Sturm Ruger gave him another one earlier in January.
Ruger Presentation To Jeb Bush.
Isn't it interesting how people who have plenty of everything seem to get given 'stuff ' by businesses - whereas poor folk wearing pre-used clothing get charged extra for 'lay-by' or payments.
FN Herstal of Belgium owns US Repeating Arms Company (Winchester) and Browning and has two production plants in USA  - FN Manufacturing, Columbia South Carolina - and FNH USA, Mclean Virginia - they are pretty big in USA.
Sturm Ruger & Co - since starting in 1949 has risen to be Americas largest maker of civilian firearms - over two million per year - and from 2009-2012 was the largest seller of handguns.
Jeb Bush's family is a leading political and financial family in USA involved in investment banking, wartime business ventures and oil.. Said to be connected with Halliburton, Merrill Lynch and the Carlyle Group with interests in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. - Do I hear echoes of "Military-Industrial Complex" ?
Marty K.