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Thursday, 11 February 2016

UK Homicides UP 14% & 'Plebgate':

Figures for England and Wales published by The Guardian for the year to September 2015 show Homicides rose 14% above the previous year (Total Deaths by Homicide 2015 were 574).

Police figures released show a 27% rise in violence against the person and a 4% rise in gun crime.

- Mind you - everybody knows that you can prove anything you want by using statistics. I would never dare to publically claim that official Government figures can be manipulated .. but I did work for the Board of Trade Retail Trade Statistics Department in Horse-guards Parade, off Whitehall, when I was younger and smarter ...

"Can we rework this months figures using a corrected set of variable seasonal factors please?"

Cynical - who - me?

The detailed application of the UKs multiple gun bans does vary by districts - but basically you need to be a member of the Titled Landed Gentry with extensive estates (or his servant) to qualify for a license to privately own and use a high power rifle.

The UKs 'lower classes' (plebs?) do still seem to find ways to attack others despite the Gun Ban laws - strange that eh.

 Mind you Lord Lucan missing since 1974 has finally been declared dead so that his title and House of Lords income can now pass to the oldest son & heir - so he (being now declared deceased) can't have been actively adding further to the homicide stats.

 I see that the 'underclasses' are still being treated by the media to new revelations about who said what in "Plebgate":

 British Conservative MP Andrew Mitchell was Government Chief Whip but later resigned - over stories accusing him of calling Police Officers guarding the entrance gates to Downing Street "plebs" ( - this is located off Whitehall, the centre of British Government Power).

Downing Street Security Gates - Complete with Plebs.
- I used to work just across the road.

The railings and a gate were first placed there in 1982 but the current black Security Gates were emplaced in 1989 to further restrict public access. Did you know that 'Number 10 Downing Street' (The Prime Ministers Residence) used to be numbered No. 5 ?

Note: Number 9 Downing Street is currently the Chief Whips Office but was previously part of Number 10. - The Chief Whips office used to be located at Number 12. (Don't be confused - just accept change to long standing and ancient traditions from "The Ministry of Truth"..)

19 September 2012 Mitchell was leaving Downing Street with his bicycle and became upset when police refused to open the main gate for him indicating that he should use a side gate. - What he said to them and what they said to him has assumed huge significance, -  Ministerial statements, apologies, resignations, disclosed CCTV video, Libel Cases, Old Bailey prison sentences for false statements (P.C. Keith Wallis - 12 months) - on and on.
Use The Side Gate Mate.

During the libel case it was revealed that Government Chief Whip Mitchell had been involved in 16 previous altercations with police around Westminster.

"Plebs" is taken as being an insulting term meaning persons of low social class.. from the Latin (English usage) 'plebeian' meaning 'ordinary citizen'.

However - to be historically accurate - the 'Plebs' of ancient Rome in fact gained considerable recognition and full rights and status as 'novus homo' or "new man" - self made nobles - following very effective protest - when they walked-out saying "Run the place without us then"!

- I personally would be proud to be called a Pleb - but I am a bit of a stirrer eh.