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Saturday, 13 February 2016

Gaddafis Golden Gun - A Browning High Power:

I listened to a BBC 'Assignment' program on Thursday evening - a story about how our hero reporter went back to Libya and traced the Gaddafi 'Golden Gun' back to the baseball-cap wearing fighter who still has it. - Typically the broadcast not once identified the pistol - other than to wrongly state that the barrel was engraved.
This Guy is Named as Muhammad al Bibi
But Wishes It to Be Known That HE did Not Kill Gadaffi.
- He just Picked-up The Gun.
This Man Omran Shaaban Did Claim That He Shot Gaddafi
- He Is Reported Dead - Killed In Revenge.
A second well-known Brit reporter Andy Bloxham of The Telegraph described this High Power as "..the newer version of the Browning M1911A1 also known as the Colt 45." !
- Factually - the FN High Power while carrying the 'Browning' name was very much the result of the work of  designer Dieudonne Saive at FN - who designed the staggered double row high capacity magazine and extensively revised other features after Brownings death (and the lapse of his patents).
Would it not be better if these experts might bother to research and tell the facts rather than writing a load of old bollocks that they just make-up?
 Libyan leader Muammar Muhammad Abu Minyar al Gaddafi was chased South by rebel fighters from Sirte and bailed-out of his vehicle after his convoy suffered repeated air attacks - then was finally captured trying to hide in a drain-pipe. Said to have emerged carrying an AK in one hand and the 'golden gun' in the other he was treated roughly and killed and his body displayed for four days before being buried in the desert.
He had ruled Libya from 1969 to 2011 and seemed to have liked gold-plated guns - as he is said to have owned several others.
The pistol is Identified as a FN Browning 'High Power' Mk III 9x19mm.
The Arabic engraving is said to read "May The Sun Never Set On September"
Grip Medallion is (maybe) a Profile of Gaddafi.
- Gold Plating is Worn.
The gun has manufacturers marking "Browning Arms Company Morgan, Uta & Montreal P.Q." and was traced to a home in Misrata, Libya (also spelled Misuratah, Misratah).
Belgian manufacturer FN Herstal (Browning) is wholly owned by the Walloon Regional Government of Belgium and supplied Libya with 18Million euros worth of arms between 2004-2009.
Fighting in this area continues since before 2011 to this day between various rebel groups and ISIS forces (Daesh?). Two rival Libyan administrations have formed (in Tobruk and Tripoli) and multiple militias attempt to dominate their local areas.
Map Showing Terrorist & Rebel Fighting Areas. 
What a mess.
 Various sources quote from 6.5M to 33.3M people 'displaced internally'.
Marty K.