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Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Special Gun Lubes - Just Oil:

Back on 24 September 2015 I ran the story that 'FireClean' Advanced Gun Oil was mostly just Canola cooking oil (none the worse for that as it's still rapeseed oil eh). - Buy it straight from the supermarket and you can add it to salads and cook your pan-cakes in it too.
Umm-Humm It's Tomato Time in my Glass House.

Now a further two brands of gun lubricant plus a specialist 'rollercoaster' lubricant have been identified as basically another natural oil - this time sourced from coconuts.

The minor difference in chart level relating to temperature is likely due to an 'additive' (solvent) mixed-in to help the thick coconut oil remain liquid at lower temperatures.

Three specialist lubes have been found by chemists to be coconut oil based despite having different perfumes and colour added .. FrogLube, Seal 1, and Tracklube.

These findings in no way mean that these oils do not do their job as advertised - however it is being suggested that any type synthetic motor oil from a handy container will lubricate your handguns and long arms just as well - and cost less.

While I am fully in favour of using natural based oils (as long as it's not whale oil) - especially if they are sourced from the Pacific Islands or other poorer nations - don't let us kid ourselves that this is a miracle salve to fix all malfunctions.

I have not seen these brands in kiwi gun shops - but that is understandable as I've not bought any of this stuff for years. My guns get minimal cleaning or lubrication while they continue to work as required (mostly). - My aging containers of Break Free CLP  and Hoppes No9 always go to the range with me for the occasional wipe and squirt in public.

Marty K.