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Monday, 15 February 2016

New Indian Revolver 'Nidar':

Indian revolvers? - Well it makes a change from Russian built wheel-guns eh.

The Indian arms factory at Ishapore  West Bengal has a long and respected history manufacturing arms since 1904 when they commenced building Lee-Enfield .303" bolt-action rifles. - The Ishapore Rifle Factory has built many rifles including the L1A1 SLR and the Vickers-Berthier Light Machine Gun - and continues to make military arms including the Ghatak - a AKM style 7.62x39mm rifle.

I actually at one time owned an Ishapore Lee-Enfield rifle that had been manufactured in their plant to use the 7.62x51 NATO calibre (one that I imported from a UK arms dealer). These 2A1 rifles were built to handle the increased pressures of the 7.62x51 cartridge using stronger steel receivers, re-designed extractors, and squarer shaped magazines.
Ishapore 2A1 Reserve Rifle.

The Ishapore factory was first established way back in 1787 as a gun powder maker - gun and carriage making commenced in 1801.
The Ishapore Arsenal recently (February 2nd 2016) launched a new eight shot .22" rim-fire revolver named the 'Nidar' - with sales aimed at the local self-defence market. - Barrel length is 40.3mm - 1.59 inches.
- Sorry But There Seems to be Only ONE Photograph Taken!
Oh - Here's Another Picture?

The name "Nidar" refers to the nickname of the young student Jyoti Singh who died after being gang raped on a bus in Delhi in 2012.

This light-weight eight shot 'snubbie' is built using an aluminium alloy DTD5124 that is stated as being nearly as strong as steel.- Defensive carry in India would likely be problematic as many public venues are guarded by security body scanners and metal detectors - but they are reporting around 100 advance orders.

 It appears that the cylinder and chambers are made from the same alloy without steel inserts (the barrel uses a steel liner) so no dry firing practice eh - or maybe no prolonged firing either.

The new 'Nidar' revolver at 250 grams weighs less than half that of their previous model - the 500 gram 'Nirbheek' - and is expected to cost much less than that larger and very expensive .32" calibre gun.
The Titanium IOF.32 'Nirbheek' is Hindi for 'Fearless' (In .32S&W Long?)
- It Looks Nicely Made but 'Victorian-Clunky' eh.

The Indian Ordnance Factory 'Nirbheek' IOF.32 is based on the Webley MkIV .38 S&W revolver of 1899 - sometimes known as "The Boer War Model" ( Singapore Police Force version - with safety catch) but it is built in the smaller .32" S&W Long calibre to be legal for civilian ownership in India.

Nirbheek revolvers seem to cost around US$2,000 plus - why? - they are made of Titanium alloy.

There are lots of countries that permit firearms ownership only in non military calibres .. This must logically be to ensure that any unlawful shooting death is caused by non military sized wounds? - Consoling for the deceased eh.

 - I'd like one of those (at the right price) eh.. but being designed by men for women to use - perhaps the design weaknesses were deliberate. - Why not make this gun in an effective round such as the .327 Federal Magnum rather than its whimpering little brother the .32"S&W Long?

The Official web-site states that you may purchase one via an Arms Dealer or "book an order" direct from their factories - by first applying for a "prescribed application form" from them - which must be completed and accompanied with various original and photocopied documents including .. "valid arms license" and a photo copy. - Plus two copies of a 'No Objection Certificate' (NOC) from the Licensing Authority.

- Probably needs to be signed by a male.

- I would have thought that if one had a "valid arms license" in ones possession - that would be a strong indication that "the Licensing Authority" had "No Objection" in the first place!

The site warns that there will be "a 3 - 4 month waiting time".

'Only in INDIA' ??

Marty K.

P.S. Coming soon to your nearest friendly blog .. maybe .. The tale of the Indian Ashani .32" semi-auto pistol?