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Friday, 20 May 2016

Army Explosions Register Like Quakes:

Media are reporting that the NZ Defence Forces have been getting rid of some old explosive munitions on the side of Mount Ruapehu. - There have been recent increases in volcanic activity from Ruapehu and locals have been frightened that the shockwaves were resulting from natural activity.

Nice .. $10 Stamp

Taupo volcanologist Brad Scott said the office had received many concerned phone calls from worried locals.
Naa - that's all right - it's only the army..

- Talking about loud noises - I read this wee joke yesterday:

Two old shooting mates meet at the range and the first was boasting that his new hearing aid was wonderful .. 'I've got hearing like an eight year old again.'

- 'Great - what kind is it?'

Looking at his wrist.. 'ten past four.'

Marty K.