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Sunday, 15 May 2016

People & Their Governments:

My reader numbers from capitalist Russia have really sky-rocketed - to far exceed even the US readers.

Welcome aboard ladies & gents.

- Great news as it's good to find that somebody is actually reading my 'gun stuff' dribbles.

- I think that all the aggression, military take-overs, revolutions, border clashes, religious wars and other hateful events that are costing around a million plus lives every peacetime year since the end of WWII - are caused by the corrupt & greedy ambitions of power-seeking psychopaths looking to grab and hide wealth & power for themselves and their gangs of supporters. (See 'The Panama Documents').

I have heard it said that anyone who seeks to be raised into a position of power is the very last person you should support with your vote.. But we do vote - some of us.

Problem is that we live in corrupt times.  Here's a few recent local examples that I can recall:
PGC Building - Christchurch Earthquake.

Our new building industry concrete earthquake steel re-enforcing mesh is found to be understrength and test results are falsified.

Our toughened glass barriers as fitted to high level balconies is sub-standard and poorly installed.

We have a multi million dollar scandal called "Leaky Buildings".

Our Fisheries catch figures are now found to have been under reported for 60 years and are really THREE TIMES higher than published.
Dumped Snapper - Nelson.

Our State Housing has been sold-off for 'redevelopment' and now we have thousands of Auckland families living in garages, under bridges, and in shipping containers.

Low income workers children are being made ill by living in cold damp mouldy rental housing but the Government refuses to bring-in minimum standards.

We were told that privatising our state owned Electricity generation and distribution would result in cheaper power. Now this 'For Profit' essential industry is charging high penalty rates to anyone installing Solar Panels to generate sustainable power.

Our "Clean Green New Zealand" rivers and lakes are so badly polluted as to be unfit for even swimming-in - even less fit for drinking.
Waimakariri River near Christchurch.

Our Naval patrol vessels designed to be used by Customs/ Border Protection and Fisheries Patrol are locked in harbour due to under funding and staffing shortages etc.
'Canterbury' & 'Te Kaha' in Harbour.

We were told that Accident Compensation was badly under funded - that fees were increased to cover the shortfall risk - Now we have ACC investing large sums of cash in outside corporations.
NZ Post SOLD - 45% to ACC & Pension Fund.

The NZ Farming sector has a high accident record - but is classed by ACC as a low risk industry.

- My memory is less sharp than a younger persons - who must surely be able to make their own list of corrupt decisions that affect our lives in 'Non Corrupt New Zealand'.

Marty K.