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Friday, 13 May 2016

North American Arms .32" NAA Guardian Pistols:

I know, I know - I've gone 'kinky' about 32 calibre guns lately - but there are reasons.

The 'NEW' cartridges such as the 327 Federal Magnum and the 32 NAA have moved this calibre up and out of the wimp class for paper bag punchers and into a truly practical & effective hard hitting group that competes with the older 38 Special +P and the .380"acp.

Neither round has to be used in a compact carry type handgun - as they'll fill a standard sized pistol or revolver very nicely - but they are highly suited for use in compacts because they pack a full-sized punch down range while recoiling less than their bigger 'cuzzies' in .38" and .380".

Try a 60 grain JHP at 1,222 foot per second giving 199 foot pounds of energy.
Consistent Expansion to .55" with Full Weight Retention.

- Said to do that while recoiling 15% less than a 380acp +P

The obvious downside will be having to find and ask for this ammunition where ever you can get decent service - and that is not always easy to find either!

A 'Pocket Full of Power' .. a bit snappy like small dogs - but like a small dog they are affordable to run and they fit in small places eh.

The 327 Federal Magnum makes the same kind of power upgrade for smaller revolvers.
We are a conservative lot - nobody likes change eh - and only time will tell if these excellent .32" calibres get into the 'Top 20' parade or drop down to hang around the back of the class like the 10mm Auto.

- WHY didn't they call that 'The 40 Auto Magnum' ? .. everyone loves a "Magnum" eh  - especially now that the newer 9mm loads are said to be matching performance from the .40"Short&Weak so well that the FBI is considering reverting to the 9x19mm as an issue calibre and gun.

Mind you - nobody seemed to have loved the 9mm Winchester Magnum (aka 9x29mm). It hasn't survived being loaded for the obsolete Wildeye and the Automag III eh.

Marty K.