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Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Kimber K6s - It's a Snubbie 357 Magnum - Revolver:

I didn't expect to say this - but the latest Kimber really looks good. Usually if I hear that makers name I just shrug and say 'Another 1911 - I wonder if it works"  - But this is something new - a revolver!

It's a .357 Magnum, Stainless Steel, with a two inch barrel - and looking good.

It's looking good to me because there's no way we will be shooting one down here - because of the 2 inch barrel length - but it seems to be tidy looking and 'chunky' enough to be a 'Ruger'. (The Kimber cylinder latch works by pushing-in like a Rugers.)

- Internal hammer so double-action only - but it looks neat from the rear end too. - Thin cylinder walls but..

Of course - it may well have a smooth trigger feel set at around 10 pounds - but use full-bore factory Magnum ammunition and it's going to bark loudly, spit flames from every orifice, and smack you about a bit if you aren't hanging on tight. - Some folk enjoy that eh.

What a Great Photo of The Kimber K6s Flame-Ring
- Photo by Sean Utley, G&A Magazine.

It will be interesting to keep an eye on these to see if the production models retain a good reputation and take-off up the popularity charts.

I see this wee revolver listed in US 'Shooting Times' as MSRP $899 - it ought to be good eh.

Cheers, life is good,

Marty K.
P.S. We've had three wee earthquakes yesterday/today - no damage other than scaredy-cats.