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Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Gun Use Increases by 19% On UK City Streets:

UK newspaper The Guardian is reporting (Wednesday 25 May) that the Metropolitan police commissioner, Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe is concerned that more guns are being criminally held in Britain.

Police have warned that the supply of guns to criminals in the UK has increased, adding to fears that weapons may be sold on to terrorists wanting to stage a Paris-style attack in Britain. The Metropolitan police commissioner, Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, announced a crackdown after the increase in firearms supply was coupled with a spike in shooting incidents in the last three months in London.
Surely This Must Be Incorrect
- Aren't These Firearms BANNED by Law?

The ability of terrorists in Britain to get firearms from criminal networks is not theoretical. Last month, two Isis-inspired jihadists were jailed for planning a terrorist gun attack in London. They got their firearm from a criminal source who had access to up to five guns.

Hogan-Howe said there were more illegal guns on the streets and said the rise in shootings in the last three months was significant: “The fact that we’re seeing it across the country in the big cities probably indicates that we’re talking about more supply.” Nationally, there has been an increase of around 19% in firearms discharges since 2013-14, with London also experiencing roughly that level of increase.
The Met said that weapons had been fired in London 122 times so far this year, with two people killed and 62 injured. In 2015 there were 226 discharges of firearms, with 10 people killed and 93 injured. Around half of suspects and victims in shooting incidents are linked to gangs, with conflicts in the drugs trade a common factor.

Scotland Yard said the new initiative, Operation Viper, will see armed officers accompanying officers on traffic stops as part of a suite of “suppression” measures.

Yup - that's how it works - Ban the Guns - Disarm the people - Then Suppress them.

Marty K.

P.S. - An interesting report that centres around increasing criminal gun use where guns are banned
 - and increasing armed police patrols where the police are famously 'unarmed'. - good to perceive the truth.