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Thursday, 26 May 2016

The FIRST FOUR SHIPS - Edward Gibbon Wakefield - Crook & Founder:

E G Wakefield (1796- 1862) was a dubious personality who energetically involved himself in gathering political influence in UK to further his personal wealth & power. After he was released from serving three years in Newgate Prison for abducting a 15 year old heiress in 1826 ( to replace his first moneyed wife - who had come with a 'settlement' for 70,000 pounds) - he then tried to overturn his late father-in-laws will and get the rest of their family money - but failed.

Perhaps now feeling a little unloved he changed tack and became involved in various scams - oops schemes to colonize South Australia and later Canada,  before spotting virgin territory in New Zealand that was ripe for exploitation - sorry, I keep doing that - I really mean development.

At a meeting in March 1839, Wakefield was invited to become the director of the New Zealand Company. His philosophy was the same as when he planned his elopements: "Possess yourself of the Soil and you are Secure."

Wakefield was busy for years sending shiploads of settlers to New Zealand including various of his dissipated brothers - among them was Edward Jerningham Wakefield who had ruined his health and finances by his lifestyle in London -  together with other family members - until this regular practice developed into the Canterbury Settlement sponsored by his associates in The Church Of England *** - and the locally renowned 'First Four Ships' . (There were in fact at least ten previous ships sent by Wakefield).
Wakefield 1850-1860 (ish)

Canterbury and New Zealand certainly started early settlement with the cream of British Society.

It wasn't until February 1853 that Edward Gibbon W. himself landed in Canterbury, in this fair land - but he can't have been very impressed with the result of his Canterbury Settlement's wet and boggy efforts in Christchurch - as he departed for Wellington after only one month!
If They Were 'The First Four Ships' - Who Was Greeting Them?

Once up there he conflicted with George Grey over land sales. - Grey wanted to sell land cheaply to encourage settlers - but Wakefield wanted to rip-off  - use the free market to make money from pricing it as high as possible - and as his second cousin Francis Dillon Bell was the Crown Commissioner - he got his way.

- Early New Zealand really was a Wakefield family business.

Edward Gibbon Wakefield continued to be active in New Zealand politics both as an honorable Member of Parliament and in his chosen real estate career - being an early influence in 'corruption-free' New Zealand until his death in Wellington in 1862.

Marty K.

Note ***:  To this day- The Church of England continues as a huge landowner in London and UK in general. - Some 2 Billion Pounds of their 6.7 Billion Pounds of total property assets is land - including an estimated 15% of London's West End.  The C of E also holds extensive properties and land in USA and Australia.

In your actual Bible it says:
Mark 10:25 It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich person to enter the kingdom of God.”

- So there you go.