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Monday, 30 May 2016

S & W MP 22 Pistol:

Fellow pistol club member 'Jason' tends to make me envious of his range toys - as he seems to have as much gold as historic namesake "Jason of The Argonauts".

He recently wrote an excellent piece for the club Journal telling about his S&W M22 which makes a great training tool supporting his other M&P handgun(s).

S&W recently added a further colour scheme as below
Flat Dark Earth Finish.

'My Gun Culture' states that this 15% smaller version of the MP 9 and MP40 is American made - but you can clearly see from the top picture that they are made in Germany by Carl Walther.

Another shooting mate likes to remind me that "Walther" is actually pronounced by the Germans as "Valter" - but I actually prefer to pronounce it 'my way'!

Down here in the Southern Ocean 'J' had to pay NZ$1095 for the wee .22" - that sells imported into USA for under $500 - but that's life eh.

Jason writes that he was able to successfully try his threaded MP22 with both a slim two-piece Maniatis silencer and a larger modular DPT silencer.
- There's some great gear available down here if you've got the necessaries eh.

Light weight and ideal for religious followers of The Church of S&W - even though it's really a Walther.

Marty K.