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Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Cats & The Great Pig Hunt:

'Bout a week back the Mandeville Tavern's great pig hunt happened with 22 entries.

Prize winners were a 76.2 kilo boar and the heaviest sow at 44.2 kilo.

Well done to all the hard working participants - bet there'll be plenty of pork sausages around  Canterbury for a while eh.

Luckily feral pigs don't carry the cat disease Toxoplasma gondii - a protozoan parasite that can invade the human brain and cause personality changes.

While only 7% of Brits are infected - 67% of Brazilians are found to carry the disease.

Older infected male humans may initially have flu-like symptoms and eye inflammation but these are followed by more serious effects on the personality - such as lower intelligence, slower reactions, aggressive extroverted less conscientious and schizophrenic behaviour - leading eventually to dementia - with suspicious, jealous and dogmatic personality tendencies on the way.
Remember to wash your hands eh.


- On a completely different topic:

Two NZ National Party Members of Parliament Chatting.
- NZ is, like UK - A Constitutional Monarchy (- Rather Than A Democracy).

Marty K.
P.S. According to DermNet NZ  around 20% of NZ people aged 16 - 24 and 34% of folk aged 25 - 44 have had infections of Toxoplasmosis gondii. After an acute infection the parasite remains in the body in an encysted state and can become reactivated if the immune system is impaired.