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Monday, 9 May 2016

NZ Falling in Least Corrupt Perception Table:

Transparency International Corruption Perception Table has dropped New Zealand down to fourth 'Least Corrupt' position in the latest 2015 Results.

We managed to be No 1 in both 2012 & 2013, but only No 2 in 2014, - but sad to say we are falling backwards down to fourth place - and off the winners podium in 2015.

What we have to keep in mind is that this table is one of  "perception" and as such is based on what people see and are aware of - not necessarily on reality.

Perhaps perceptions are changing?

One example of this perception business that really annoys me is that when-ever we have a criminal firearms event - politicians make noises about 'gun bans' and further restrictions on legal firearms users so that they may be seen (perceived) to be doing something.. whereas - in fact - they are doing nothing to address the real issues of under-funded and under-resourced essential services like police, prisons, mental health facilities, education, and social services.

A really classic example of this recently was when Heather Du Plessis Allan of TV3 repeatedly forged police documents to illegally buy a rifle - and no charges were laid against her - but the rules and documentation for legal firearms users were made more restrictive.
Heather Du Plessis Smiling.

Now we have the 'Panama Documents' publicly releasing information from Mossack Fonseca about tax avoidance by the wealthy and criminal classes (is there a difference?).

"Joe Doe" said he leaked the documents "simply because I understood enough about their contents to realise the scale of the injustices they described".

- It seems that New Zealand is named in 61,000 of these documents - and now the 'whistle-blower' Joe Doe has individually chosen to name our Prime Minister John Key as seeming not to take any action to stop this tax avoidance.
NZ Prime Minster John Key - Smiles all Round.
- Owns Homes in Hawaii, London, Aspen, plus an Auckland Mansion.

P.M. Key who has a Batchelor of Commerce degree and worked as a 'foreign exchange dealer' before entering politics was known by his colleagues as 'The Smiling Assassin'  - for maintaining his cheerfulness while sacking dozens of staff during the 1998 financial downturn.

Key is reported to have chosen to be paid only in stock and options while working at Merrill Lynch in London. Merrill Lynch Wealth Management was acquired in 2009 by Bank of America.

Merrill Lynch were well known for their Global Private Client Services.

The NZ National Business Review (NBR) 'Rich List' has included John Key since 2008 as one of the country's richest individuals or family members with an estimated wealth of  50 Million.

- Something to smile about eh.

Marty K.