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Monday, 23 May 2016

US 'Gun' Sales To Rise Further:

What an amazing political scene over in the US of A. - A few months ago we were trying not to yawn about another presidential campaign - but now?

- Hard to state which is the worse prospect eh .. Trump or Clinton - but what we can guess is that if Hilary C is selected - gun and ammunition sales will rise to even greater levels than they have under Obama - who has been named Americas greatest gun salesman.

"Barack Obama is single handily responsible for the sales of more guns and ammo than any human being in the history of the United States," said Richard Feldman, a former NRA political organizer. "Clinton could do better."

How can the 'ordinary working people' expect to be fairly represented by a multi-millionaire (donkey or elephant) who is sponsored by the big corporates?

I don't know - they call this 'democracy'?

- Watching a British TV quiz (The Chase) the other evening - the studio audience, contestants and presenter were all astonished to learn that the correct answer to the question ..

'What form of government do we have in UK?' - was ..  'a Constitutional Monarchy'

- They were all expecting to hear that they lived in a Democracy.

Cheers, Marty K.