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Tuesday, 20 December 2016

.50 GI Cartridge & It's Big-Bore Pistols:

Here's an example of how poorly informed I am - or indeed maybe also how remote New Zealand is from the shooters 'Real World' of USA. (or maybe I doze too much in my armchair).

The .50 GI cartridge was developed by Guncrafter Industries and was introduced at the 2004 SHOT Show alongside the Guncrafter Industries 1911 in that caliber. The round has a rebated rim that is the same diameter as that of the .45 acp and it is also called the 12.7×23mmRB.

That's twelve years ago and I've only just heard of it! - or perhaps the round (and it's gun) is a 'dog'.

The Youtube video that I've seen suggests it does muzzle flip a bit.
50 GI next to 45 acp Cartridge.

Mind you, surely the around US$700 conversion fitted on a Glock 20 or 21 should work OK.
I could be tempted by one of those toys.

I can't see much wrong with throwing eight or nine 300 grain solid copper expanding 50 Cal. pistol bullets down range at around 700 feet / sec. -  This is not a wrist snapping MAGNUM round and should be pleasurable to shoot - But for the obvious issue of needing to find the ammo on sale somewhere - I read that *Starline* are making brass for it.

That's a big lump of lead copper eh.

Now I'd say that I can pick a fellow club shooter who NEEDS one of those - eh Col?

Power levels have been kept reasonable - as they must be when using a 1911 clone and the round is said to feel in the same recoil class as the .45 acp. - and the .50 GI internal pressure levels are also of the same order at around 15,000 psi.

- Compare that maximum pressure level to the SAAMI limit of 45,000 psi used in the .327 Fed. Magnum. (my gun is coming - my Ruger is coming ;-))

- To be fair - that does look very nice - The way I feel about Xmas and all the rubbish you get lumbered with ... a real man should buy himself something that he truly needs eh.

Life is good - Summer is here,

Marty K.