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Sunday, 18 December 2016

Armed Robbery @ Speed of Sound:

Start the day off right:

  The speed of sound through air is around 1126 feet per second - above that it's SUPERSONIC - So what do you reckon the speed of sound is through water - faster or slower? 
 *** Answer is further down the page.

Driving my wee Honda back from the supermarket - through the local NZ scenic limestone country at around 100 kph (- something like 62 mph or 91 feet per second) - I mused on a recent story from LBC Radio - that the average speed of London's road traffic is recorded as 7.8 mph.(11.4 ft/sec).

I've always known why we left London in the first place - and migrated by Boeing 747 to New Zealand (at around 570 miles per hour = 836 feet per second or 920 km/h) with our young kids - but it is good to get some confirmation of my thinking.

(Plus - For the third time in one week .. separate  30 inch (75cm.) water main pipes have burst and caused major flooding in London's cold & wet homes & streets.)(Deferred Maintenance?).

- Now comes a reminder that America was very much built by the use of guns firing at close to the speed of sound.. In South Dakota, the Lakota Sioux tribes are steadfastly refusing to accept payment of around $1.2 Billion as "compensation" for the theft of the lands that the 1868 Treaty of Fort Laramie guaranteed them - “undisturbed use and occupation”  - including the 'Black Hills', a resource-rich region of Western South Dakota.

A mere nine years after that Treaty - the land was taken away from the Sioux Nation because gold had been discovered.

- Here in New Zealand we similarly signed The Treaty of Waitangi with Maori Tribes in 1840 - and subsequently payments for Treaty breaches have consisted of hundreds of millions of dollars of reparations in cash and assets - as well as apologies.

Donald Trump makes me laugh when he talks about 'building a wall' and 'illegal Mexicans' in USA
Essential Low Pay Migrant Agricultural Workers In USA.

 - Didn't the USA take the States of CaliforniaNevadaUtah, most of Arizona, about half of New Mexico, about a quarter of Colorado, and a small section of Wyoming from the Mexicans in the first place - in 1848? - & notably the second largest state of US, The Republic of Texas (- 'The Lone Star State') - was also Mexican territory before joining the USA.

- Talk about 'Post Truth Politics'.

The Speed of sound through pure water is roughly 4859 feet per second .. about 4.1 times faster than through air. - In Sea water it is around 4921 feet per second.

(in Air it's 1126 ft/sec)

Marty K.