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Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Levels of Power:

"Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun"

So said Mao Zedong in 1938 - but I'm more inclined currently to think that power comes out of the corporate executive entrance of tall office buildings - when smartly suited men go to lunch with Congressmen and the Cabinet members of our Western Governments.

- So far, Donald Trump's appointed  "Champions of the forgotten working class man" administration together have personal wealth amounting to a record 35 BILLION Dollars.

- Just a quiet word eh..
Do They NEED More Money?

In 1995 / 1996 New Zealand's Electricity generation and supply was corporatized / Privatized with the claim that consumers would benefit from reduced prices resulting from commercial competition.

- A former manager Richard Healey has turned whistle-blower and prompted an audit of Otago's electricity distribution network. - He said that their power poles were neglected and in a dangerous condition.

(- Back in September this year the Wellington Electricity Lines company had a similar warning from the Commerce Commission of too many failures due to pole collapses.)

Todays news from Dunedin is that a report from Deloittes has fully supported whistle-blower Healey and now 30 Million dollars worth of emergency repairs will be urgently started in this area.

New Zealand Rail was similarly 'Corporatised' and then privatized in 1993 - and after years of 'profit taking' and neglect - the Government had to commit 200 Million Dollars for deferred maintenance in 2004 - and then Rail had to be "Re-Nationalised" for 690 Million Dollars in 2008 as 'KiwiRail' - and we bought-back the Auckland Metropolitan rail network in 2002 for 81 Million Dollars.

Are we to expect the Electricity Generation and Distribution systems to be re-nationalized in the near future so that essential modernization and maintenance may be conducted?

 Will the Executives and Directors be required to return their large bonuses and salaries to taxpayers?

Well, - we voted for them eh.

Marty K.