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Monday, 26 December 2016

Recoil Injury To Shooters:

I guess we've all laughed at videos of inexperienced shooters being knocked about by large caliber firearms - well they are funny - in the same way that a comic can get a cheap laugh by slipping on a banana skin and falling on his ass ..

Is there an easier way to get admiring "whooooars" than to blast-off a full-house Magnum in a confined space - but how's your hearing? - What?

If you are not a well muscled fit & strong person consider that stress fractures to the carpal bones in the wrist and repetitive strain injury such as carpal tunnel syndrome and "tennis elbow" are not unknown & can result from repeated shooting with a powerful handgun such as a 'magnum' revolver.

He Does Look a Bit Worried eh.

You may feel pain resulting from inflammation to the joints - take heed and ease-off. - Think about buying and using padded shock-absorbing gloves (these are sold for cyclists and for weight lifters as well as shooters so you'll be in good company).

The whole point about owning a firearm is to train & eventually achieve a degree of accuracy with it .. not just to make a lot of noise eh. - And most of us need to practice some to get better at it. And if regular practice with your equipment is going to cause you injury - maybe you can trade-it-in at your nearest friendly Dealer.

When a shooter fires a .50" Browning rifle - say with a 720 grain bullet at up to 3,000 foot per second from a 20 pound bolt-action rifle - the recoil energy may be around 80 pounds.
 - This may produce an unexpected effect on the shooter caused by broken collarbones, separated shoulder, and even back problems. - Once you've got a 'bad back' - you've got a friend for life.

 .. but much more thought-worthy - detached retinas in the eyes may result in permanent blindness. This is a known issue with military snipers.

- Surely old Newton didn't waste his time coming-up with that Third Law back in 1687?

- Or you might just tough it out like the ex-joggers I used to know - their shin splints & replacement hips and knees don't slow them down too much getting in & out of their cars .. but their sticks can be a nuisance.

Life is extra good eh,

Marty K.