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Monday, 5 December 2016

The Gun Problem - Perspective Rather Than Perception:

Joke of the day: - Did you hear about the insomniac, agnostic, dyslexic? - He lay awake all night wondering if there really was a Dog.

To start - I have to explain that I don't have a clue about these specific chemical compounds. - Other than alcohol, tobacco & coffee - the only "drugs" that I've personally experienced was one 'reefer' cigarette in the dim & distant past that a young guy gave me to try around 1970 .. and having dragged all of its smoke deeply into my lungs and holding - I spent the next three/four hours feeling very ill from vertigo with my known world (a grubby toilet cubicle) spinning violently.
No Thanks.

However we all should pause to consider that while some 91 Americans die daily from guns (two thirds are suicides) - 78 victims die each day from overdosing of opioids - plus some 250 US persons die each day from 'Medical Misadventure' - suggesting 'doctors' may be a much bigger problem than firearms.

I'm assuming here that there are also further drug deaths directly caused by addictions other than opioids - you might do some checking of data yourself.. I don't really want to know all the sick detail.

What I'm saying is that we & the 'muricans' have other societal issues than guns to worry about eh.
- this is known as having Perspective. (as opposed to 'perception').

So - while buying a gun no more makes you a skilled & prepared shooter - than does buying a violin make you a musician - or owning a stethoscope makes you a doctor. - Don't let the hysterical screaming of the anti-gunners misdirect or deter you either - about e.g. You being more likely to shoot your toes off while laying in bed if you own a gun.

The rantings of frightened ignorant & stressed-out anti-gun paranoids certainly confirms that THEY should not have access to any potentially lethal object (such as a kitchen knife) and they should not be trusted near young children, or behind the wheel of motor vehicles. - Anyone complaining of loss of control with violent impulses when they handle a sharp or heavy object needs careful watching and supervision at all times.

It would be great if all bizarre believers,  'god-botherers' - 'bambi-cuddlers' - 'anti-gunners' and 'Climate Change deniers' - along with various other nutcase freaks like psychic mediums & UFO abductees (who might have had bodily fluid samples taken) .. diet-book writers, marketing executives, other con-artists, lobbyists - and proponents of extra-terrestrial ancestors - who might benefit from a partial lobotomy or electric shock treatment - could be re-educated - or conditioned to reality but .. They're all strangers to TRUTH.

A new term "Post Truth Politics" is becoming widespread in this age of corruption - referring to the way politicians ignore facts and real issues to persist with emotional arguments that 'scratch the itch' of poorly informed, aggrieved & resentful groups. - This seems to echo Orwells 1984 novel - where his ministry rewrites history every day to match their current policy needs.

It is now evident that both sides in the "BREXIT" referendum debate deliberately misinformed and repeatedly lied to the British voters about tax savings and likely benefits about the EU membership.

- Both the US Govt. and the British PM Tony Blair 'misspoke' about "Weapons of Mass Destruction" before attacking & invading Iraq in 2003.

- Why are these Fraudsters and Liars not prosecuted?

- It may be that "we" don't even care anymore about the truth - as so much media content we see now is political 'Spin', - product-placement advertising and 'special effects' with unscripted  "Reality Television" that is totally directed & edited, with enhanced images & re-staged unreal rubbish.

- Mind Control: - Anyone continually & repeatedly exposed to a proposition will likely accept it as a 'belief'. - exempli gratia - 99% of religious persons believe the same story that their parents taught them .. about  magic infallible writings (Confucian Great Learning, Bible, Koran, Tanach, Buddahavacana, Vedas, Kojiki, Communist Manifesto etc.) - plus Father Christmas and the tooth fairies .. unless/until they eventually learn differently.

(How else would any 'civilized' post-industrial nation of some 65 Million folk promote as a superior being - & worship by bowing before a 'supernatural' - the aged matriarch of a "royal family"?)
".. it's the bloody Unions that have ruined this country"

FACT: The United Kingdom is governed by a constitutional monarchy. (not a Democracy).

Wikipedia says:

Critics have linked "corporate brainwashing" with globalization, saying that corporations are attempting to create a world-wide mono-cultural network of producers, consumers, and managers.  

A sub-genre is "corporate mind control", in which a future society is run by one or more business corporations which dominate society using advertising and mass media to control the population's thoughts and feelings.

 - Does this sound familiar to you?

Marty K.