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Friday, 16 December 2016

Kimber .357" Revolver on Range:

Ten months after it's introduction someone has put some rounds through the Kimber K6S onto a target!

 - I was so pleased to see Hickok45 has at last managed to shoot & assess the Kimber K6S snubby  .357" caliber revolver on his range.

I guess that he cautiously liked it, he liked the grips too - follow the above link .. well made he says - but costs'a'lot. - It does appear to be a tidy looking & functional .357" piece (with snappy recoil) - but too expensive eh.

I came across an online comment to the effect that Kimber missed a great opportunity to build their revolver as a 'bottom chamber popper'. I truly support that as someday some manufacturer must surely move forward into the 21st Century and make a normal looking revolver that fires from the lower chamber to give near zero 'flip-up' on recoil..

- The Russians can do it so why not free-market America? - It doesn't have to be weird-looking like the Chiappa Rhino.

Russian NOSOROG (Rhino) 906-1 Revolver.

Obama ($12.2 Million) Opposed Trump ($3.7 Billion).

Marty K.