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Saturday, 10 December 2016

Jack Ruby Colt Cobra Revolver:

November 22 1963 President Kennedy was assassinated. - Two days later the man accused of the shooting Lee Harvey Oswald was himself shot & killed live on television by someone known as Jack Ruby.
Jacob Leonard Rubenstein born in 1911 of Polish Orthodox-Jewish parents was an 'underworld figure' involved in nightclubs, strippers, prostitution, drugs and gambling. He moved in the same circles as local Mafia bosses and had been in Cuba in 1959 visiting with known Casino operating Mafia figures.


 The Fidel Castro led Cuban Revolution dated 26 July 1959.

The CIA failed BAY of PIGS INVASION was 17 April 1961. - It took Castro 3 days to defeat the 1,400 para-military invaders and their 8 US B26 Bombers..

The CUBAN MISSILE CRISIS ended on 28 October 1962** - and the blockade was formally lifted November 20 1962.

President Jack Kennedy was killed 22 November 1963.

**18 years old - I took a day off work - if the missiles were going to rain-down - I didn't want to end-up preserved in molten plastic like a fly in amber - I was going to be vaporized properly at home in comfort - not in a smelly plastics factory.

Ruby with a club worker.
Shot Oswald November 24 1963

Ruby had close ties to many Dallas Police officers who frequented his nightclubs, where he provided them with free liquor, prostitutes and other favors.

Ruby's Cop friend Joe Cody bought the gun 'tax free' for Ruby from Rays Sporting Goods, Dallas for $62.50 - saving Ruby $18 tax.

When 'Ruby' gut-shot Oswald - the whole tragic Kennedy Assassination moved up into a confusing series of inquiries that offered conflicting evidence and conclusions - serving mainly to obscure any evidence. - Now, 53 years later - you can choose your own 'facts' to back-up whatever conspiracy theory you support.

 The Warren Commission findings stated that both Oswald and Ruby acted alone.
Ruby's Colt Cobra Revolver .38" Special.
The Scratched Initials Are The Arresting Officers.

- Many surfaces of the revolver now bear the scratched initials of four arresting officers, - dates & evidence numbers and a scratched arrow on the cylinder points to the chamber that fired the fatal shot..

'Ruby' died 'innocent' (following an appeal) on January 3 1967 in prison - from lung cancer that he claimed he had been injected with.

 His revolver - sometimes called "The most Famous Gun in The World" was released to his estate and then was sold for $220,000 by the executor Earl Ruby on December 26 1991 to Anthony Pugliese** a "real estate developer" - who has recently been charged with money laundering and fraud in Florida.

** Pugliese (& five other investors) used the name "Fred Roman" for the auction purchase.

Anthony Pugliese III With The Ruby Colt.

The .38 Colt Cobra Serial No. 2744LLW has been used to fire many 'commemorative rounds' into a swimming pool to sell to collectors and has been well exploited - while some reckon the actual gun is worth 2 or 3 Million Dollars.
Each $1,000 Plaque includes a Fired Round.

Lee Harvey Oswald's Russian born wife Marina Oswald Porter is now a 72 year old grandmother & claims that she is still under FBI surveillance in Texas - and that there was a high level cover-up of the whole affair.

- Only in America?

Marty K.