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Monday, 5 December 2016

Key Personnel Resignations:

- Funny how our Prime Minister John Key and the Italian -  one Matteo Renzi  - have both spat-out the dummy & chucked it in on the same day.
Nice watch eh.

Multi-Millionaire Key who was known as the 'Smiling Assassin' when he worked for Merrill Lynch in London - became known as "Teflon John" here in New Zealand after several gaffs showed that 'nothing seemed to stick to him'.

His politics are typical of any right-minded millionaire accountant - and the proles voted for him as he had a nice smile.

I doubt that his passing-on to greater wealth and luxury will much effect firearms users here, unless Minister of Police Judith Collins puts her hat into the ring for the job ..
Nice Rings.

- because she seems to like both Glocks and coffee.

- I'd have to ask her if she'd guest a blog here for me.. perhaps one about Oravida (Kauri Ruakaka Mill) exporting protected swamp Kauri logs to China.

Marty K.