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Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Bye Bye S&W Holdings:

Shareholders of the gun-maker Smith & Wesson (SWHC) voted to change the company name to American Outdoor Brands Corp., the company said in a Tuesday statement.
The new name will go into effect on or about Jan. 1, after which the company will be traded under the ticker AOBC.
President and CEO James Debney said that the company is excited about the results of the vote. - Ooooh, so am I.
Iconic S&W Model 10.
However the brand name Smith & Wesson will remain for its firearms products, operating as Smith & Wesson Corp., a subsidiary of American Outdoor Brands Corp..
Horace Smith and D.B. Wesson first produced revolvers under their names in 1852. Its 44 Magnum handgun is famous for being Clint Eastwood's weapon of choice in the "Dirty Harry" series of films. As well as manufacturing firearms, it makes tree saws, knives and accessories such as cleaning products.
- Phewwww For a minute there I thought that they were going to be called 'Ruger'.
Marty K.
P.S. I've been getting thousands of 'hits' from Russia in recent weeks .. perhaps they will support my blog financially too eh.  M.K.